SeaShell To-Go Box - Large Pack of 125

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Let's talk about style. Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo. Every year, people in these cities gather and watch the newest styles walk across the runway for all to see.

But if they had an accessory in their hand, it would most likely be a purse. Imagine though - it was the best sustainable accessory anyone had ever seen. That's what our SeaShell is. 

Drip-resistant with ridges and curves that you've never seen before. Able to handle both hot and cold food. Furthermore, we remove the need for plastic bag.

Yes, we recognize this is a pretty premium product. But if you want to make a splash with disposable style that you've never seen before, we've got you. 

This is the larger version of our SeaShell, and the size of the box is 10.4" x 7" x 4.9". We're selling them in packs of 125. Of course each box is folded in the delivery box to save space and add efficiency to your storage and operations.


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