SeaSheet - Wax Paper Case of 3000

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We're based in New York, and we love bagels. But you know what kinda sucks about the bagel experience? (No, it isn't how everyone doesn't like strawberry cream cheese.)

What sucks is that so many bagel places today still use plastic wrap. It's the worst! So, our team got together and asked ourselves a simple question - "how can we make bagels better?"

The answer? Pickle cream cheese.

Just kidding, our answer is the SeaSheet. At the size of 12" x 12", it is the perfect size for any deli item. Our SeaSheet is made of a wax paper that is backyard compostable, but still drip-resistant to keep your bagel or sub safe.

This signature product is sold in a case of 3000. Let's better the bagel experience for everyone, together :)

SKU: SHTT-3000

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