SeaStraws White Wrapped 7.75” - Pack of 4800

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Made in the USA 7.75” length, 0.227" diameter white compostable paper straws in a pack of 4800 individually wrapped pieces. Made with a vegan wax, SeaStraws are tested to last over two hours as the strongest paper straws on the market.

These straws are a perfect way to prove to your customers how your restaurant is committed to sustainability, as the product is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council. 

We recently made the packaging of these products change. This product - the white wrapped paper straw - is by far the most popular product in our LifeCycle LineUp. 

We've sold millions of these, and after a review of our sustainability practices, we found that the use of our inner "blue boxes" for these wasn't particularly useful.

So, these 4800 are packed loose in the box. We're able to have not only less cardboard waste this way, but also able to have more straws fit in our packaging - ensuring less shipments. 

We're here for the Earth, even if it makes our product experience less "fancy." With the issues we face, we have to be.

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