"The first step our guests take towards sustainable practices"

"A great addition to our sustainable initiatives"

"A great step for many of our cafe partners towards reducing their environmental footprint"

The strongest and most sustainable paper straws on the market.

Made in the USA and tested to last over two hours in any drink. We promise you've never used a paper straw like this before.

An aluminum straw that will create its own reef.

Introducing SeaStraw13, a made in the USA reusable straw made entirely out of atomic number 13: aluminum! Manufactured by a Woman-Veteran owned company in the NYC metropolitan area.

Flexible in more ways than one.

Any color and any logo are possible with silicone, available in two sizes: dolphin (thicker) and seahorse (thinner).

Birchwood is the future.

Backyard compostable cutlery made from a material that grows back quickly and needs no chemical linings to be usable.

Sturdy paper ware to keep safe.

Built to fit the durable needs of modern foodservice.

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Success Stories

Monalisa Prasad, Director of Sustainability - Compass Group @ NYU

"At the onset, we looked for paper straws that promote not only the sustainable aspect of the product, but also its social impacts. Partnering with SeaStraws in our dining halls is the first step our guests take toward sustainable practices on a daily basis. Using backyard compostable paper straws, learning about why paper instead of plastic, fostering a connection to the ocean, and SeaStraws donating a portion of profits to NGOs are a few reasons why this partnership in our sustainability journey is so exciting!"

Ernest Watkins III, Director of Operations - Compass Group @ Marymount Manhattan College

"SeaStraws have been a great addition to our sustainable initiatives here at Marymount Manhattan College!  The students and staff really enjoy this added option.  We are also using the Birchwood coffee stirrers, which are also going well.  We sold out of our straws in 3 weeks!"


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